Geographical Indication

Geographical Indications (GI):

GI are signs used on goods that have a specific geographical origin and possess qualities or a reputation that are due to that place of origin. Agricultural products typically have qualities that derive from their place of production and are influenced by specific local factors, such as climate and soil. They may also highlight specific qualities of a product, which are due to human factors that can be found in the place of origin of the products, such as specific manufacturing skills and traditions.

A geographical indication points to a specific place or region of production that determines the characteristic qualities of the product that originates therein. It is important that the product derives its qualities and reputation from that place. Place of origin may be a village or town, a region or a country.

It is an exclusive right given to a particular community hence the benefits of its registration are shared by the all members of the community. Recently the GIs of goods like Chanderi Sarees, Kullu Shawls, and Wet Grinders etc have been registered. Keeping in view the large diversity of traditional products spread all over the country, the registration under GI will be very important in future growth of the tribes / communities / skilled artisans associated in developing such products.

General Principles governing the Geographical Indication System in India and further details can be viewed at website of Geographical Indication Registry, website at

Geographical Indication Services

  • General Advisory and support
  • Conducting a clearance search
  • Preparing necessary documents and filing application for Registration
  • Attending the hearings
  • Handling the opposition and registration process.
  • Complying with the opposition and objection raised by the Registrar
  • Renewal of the registered GI
  • Other related services